Bovada Casino and the Full Throttle Promotion – How is it useful?

Bovada does a little bit of everything for their online gamblers, and while the United States gamblers are incredibly happy to have a site that offers you so much and does things so well, they are definitely going to enjoy the Full Throttle promotion that is being run. Many of the different promotions that you are going to see Bovada run will allow you to win trips to different locations all throughout the world. The promotion that they are currently running is going to give players the chance to go to the Indy 500 this year, something that we are all going to be chasing. The race is held on Memorial Day weekend, and is the last one in May in Indiana. The promotion is now underway, as it started on April 8th, and is going to run through May 2nd.

Players are going to be able to get a few different things out of this promotion as well, and the first is that they can get double conversion points. This means that you are going to get two of the Casino Points for every $10 that you play at the video poker and blackjack games on the site, instead of the usual one that you would earn. There are going to be a few terms and conditions attached to the promotion that you can find at the site. While playing standard Single Deck Blackjack and Double Deck Blackjack you are going to get two points for every $25 that you wager instead of every $10. You are also going to find that the points that are earned are going to get converted over to real money on the 19th of April and the 3rd of May, and will pay out $1 for every 100 points that you earn. There is an increase in the real cash at idn poker site. The reviews and ratings should be checked to register at the website. The conversion of the bonuses and rewards is there in real cash to increase the bank balance. The placing of the bets is there with the skills and intelligence of the players. 

Obviously the second, and biggest target for the players though is going to be the Grand Prize that is attached to this promotion. Any Casino Point that a player gets while playing video poker or blackjack at Bovada during the time that the promo runs is going to get a ticket into the Grand Prize drawing, which will absolutely have everyone’s attention. Players can get an unlimited amount of tickets into the drawing, and it is going to give you a travel package for yourself and a guest to the Indy 500. The total value is set at $8,000, which will feature $6,500 as the cost of accomodation, airfare, and tickets to the race itself, while the other $1,500 is going to be offered as spending money for the winner, and will go right into the players e-cash account. Whoever wins the draw is going to be contacted within 48 hours via phone, and if you are unable to accept the Grand Prize then you will be offered a $5,000 prize in e-cash.

The online casino at Bovada is going to offer quite a few different types of games for you to play, but there are definitely a few that cater to the occasion as well. There are two motor racing online slot machines, with the first one being called Green Light, and the other one being Dream Run.

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