Casino Royale- Should Taxing Be Allowed?

The corona virus pandemic has brought the fast train of world economy to a grinding halt and all the countries have come to a standstill due to all the sectors being shutdown due to the lockdown where people have no choice but to be confined to their homes.

Most people have taken to working from home since the past few months and told to practice social distancing until the virus subsides while the citizens are obliging to the demands by practicing social distancing.

Most people are already missing the outside life, especially the gamblers that used to frequent casinos to win, lose and later win back the money they had staked their life on but now they have nothing to look forward to.

Gambling Tax

The expert gamblers haven’t given up hope and therefore are practicing their luck through online casino so that they don’t lose touch with the game and it can be seen that Judi online has witnessed a rise in the number of players since the past month.

This has given rise to a whole new debate where certain people are of the opinion that online casinos should be brought into the category of direct tax so that people can pay for it.

The sad part is that most of the gambling experts are unaware that they have to pay taxes for a certain portion of their winnings which has been prevalent in all countries and not just developed nations like US, UK, Germany, etc.

You can pay your taxes through online payment or even e-wallet all thanks to digital media that has different modes of payment to be availed by various people because most of them can’t remember their username and password while paying online and the new applications like Google pay has made things easy for them.

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