Eight Tips on How to Become an Unsuccessful Bettor

There are thousands of articles out there teaching you how to become a successful bettor. Each and every one of them promises to teach the “Holy Grail” and yet I don’t see a lot of people living off sports betting. I decided instead of giving you another 8 superb tips on how to succeed, I will give you 8 tips on how to fail. No one can guarantee you success in gambling, but I can guarantee you failure if you follow the eight tips ¬†below. Knowing this you have to avoid them at all cost. Here they are:

  1. Bet on your favorite team – This one is probably the easiest of them all and speaks for itself. Betting only on your favorite team will sure bring you down soon enough.
  1. Bet on the lower coefficient – Remember the odds that the bookmaker gives you are not the “true” probabilities, but the probabilities based on the public opinion.
  1. Bet “big” money on teams with odds around 1.1 or lower – Sure this one looks logical, but how many times can you win? Once, twice , five times, even seven? Let’s see you bet 100$ each time and you win 10$, you win 9 times and you lose once. That’s right 90% winning streak will guarantee you a loss of 10$. Just for comparison top tipsters get around 60% winning streaks.
  1. “Go with the flow” – So your friends bet on the away team, everyone that you know actually did, so you did it as well even though your opinion was a draw? Learn this, public opinion does not matter at all.
  1. Be greedy, the more you win, the higher the bet – Actually successful bettors bet a small percentage of their accounts each time, no matter what the size of the account is or their profit.
  1. Get even after a loss – Great now you have lost, emotions kick in and you want to break even, if it’s possible today. This is great!!! For the bookmaker though, when you are angry you tend to make irrational decisions.
  1. Bet under the influence – Do you know why casinos serve alcohol for free? No, not because they are that nice! People make decisions that otherwise wouldn’t when they are under the influence.

  1. Bet on irrational odds – This is my favorite. Bet on odds like, “Who’s going to get the first corner kick” or “Who’s going to get a red card” and etc.. You might get lucky once or twice, but lucky is only a good name for a dog. In the career of a successful sports bettor luck has very little to do with it.

So now that you know what you have to do to achieve failure, you should easily find your way to success.

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