Full House Poker Leveling Tips and Hints

Full House Poker released on Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday March 16, 2011, for $10. It features both casual and tournament matches in single player or multiplayer modes. In addition to working towards growing their chip count gamers also have an experience level to work on as well. The chips and experience levels are independent of each other so even bad poker players can earn experience points. Getting more chips requires winning poker hands, but leveling up ones experience only requires playing. To help speed up the experience leveling process in Full House Poker here are some tips and hints.

Full House Poker Leveling Tips – Play Style

Full House Poker rewards you with experience for playing smart, but you do not have to win poker hands to earn experience. It does help to win hands, but folding a losing hand also nets you a nice amount of experience. Try to play conservatively and only bid on the deal if you have a pair or a face card. After the flop if you do not have a playable hand you need to check or fold. Losing hands earns very little experience while folding or winning nets you a lot of experience.

Full House Poker Leveling Tips – Pro Takedown

The head to head Pro Takedown matches give you experience not just for playing but also include a large bonus for winning. However, even losing a Pro Takedown gives you a runner up 600 XP bonus. Since there is only two people playing the hands go fast which allows for more experience to be earned quickly. Try to pull the opponent into a good hand early and go all in. If you win you get a lot of experience after just a few hands, but even if you bust you can just play again. If you find a Pro that you can beat easily because of their play style keep playing them over and over to quickly get a lot of experience.

Full House Poker Leveling Tips – Texas Heat

The Texas Heat events in Full House Poker also gives a lot of bonus experience if you play well. There are three tiers of tables and the better you play the higher up the tables you move. Each table up ha progressively better experience payouts. Additionally, there are numerous bonuses at the end of each Texas Heat 30 minute episode. Texas Heat events run in groups so try to make all of them you can to level up quickly by earning the extra bonuses. Remember to play conservatively so that you do not lose any major amounts of chips and can stay at the head table.

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