Health Risks Associated with Gambling in Vegas

I’m sure you can imagine that the casino employees in Las Vegas have thousands of stories to tell-some funny, some sad, some outrageous, and some outright terrifying. Richard Farsten, a blackjack dealer from Las Vegas, Nevada, and an online Jasabola2 player agreed to tell me about some of the health risks associated with gambling in Vegas, and I’m not talking about the myriad germs you might pick up from a deck of cards.

1- Blackjack Blackout

One of the health risks associated with gambling in Vegas is partly the fault of the casino, and partly the fault of the gambler. Most casinos in Vegas lack clocks and mirrors so that gamblers can’t easily keep track of the time. They might spend hours at their favorite blackjack table, drinking tumbler after tumbler of scotch on the rocks, completely oblivious to the passage of time.

The health risk comes in when the gambler finally stands up to stretch or to move on to a new table. He’s been sitting so long, and he’s so tired from playing for hours, that when the blood rushes from his head, he blacks out. When gambling in Vegas, it’s important to “keep track of time by checking your watch every once in a while, and to be careful of standing up too quickly,” says Farsten. You can

2- Jackpot Jolt

The next health risk associated with gambling in Vegas is a bit of a Catch-22. On the one hand, the victim is prepared to go home with a pocket full of cash; on the other, he might never make it there. “Although most people come to Vegas hoping they’ll win, very few actually expect to win big,” Fasten says. Apparently, it isn’t so uncommon as to be rare for a gambler to suffer a heart attack in a Las Vegas casino.

This health risk, according to Farsten, is generally most common in gamblers who have been down-on-their-luck but win an enormous sum at the slot machines or at one of the tables. Their shock at winning is so great that they suffer a heart attack or simply pass out. Even if they only faint, however, they have a good chance of cracking their head on a nearby table or machine, suffering further damage.

3- Baccarat Bladder

Another health risk associated with gambling in Vegas is known as Baccarat Bladder and is not necessarily as serious as it is painful. “Gamblers get addicted to a game, and they don’t want to take a break to use the bathroom,” says Farsten. “Meanwhile, their mainlining free drinks like there’s no tomorrow, and then it happens.” Apparently, if you go too long without using the restroom, you can be hit with a bladder spasm, which is incredibly painful for the victim.

There are plenty of bathrooms at Vegas casinos, so it’s important you answer the call of nature. When you have a bladder spasm, you might not be able to urinate at all for hours, or you might start leaking urine. In either case, the agony won’t stop until your bladder relaxes, and you’ll make a spectacle of yourself.

Play It Safe

The health risks associated with gambling in Vegas might seem worth it to play, but you have to be safe when you’re hitting the casino every night and interrupting your normal rhythms. “Sometimes people come to Vegas for a two-day weekend, then wind up staying for four or five days without even realizing it,” says Farsten. “Lots of people suffer from dehydration, and some will pass out from hunger after not eating all day and all night.”

To avoid the health risks of gambling in Vegas, keep a clear head, and watch the number of drinks you consume. You might also want to set a time limit on a particular table so you don’t get “stuck”.

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