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Home games are great with the right crowd. And the right food. And the right background noise on the television or radio. It’s a relaxing environment where our group of people can get together, work out some stress, and maybe make a few bucks in the process. However, I can’t stress enough the importance – among everything else – of a quality table that is why bandarq online terpercaya is there to help you choose the best poker table for the poker nights that you organize at your home. You might think I’m crazy, but you’re going to be sitting at this thing for, who knows, 4-7 hours probably. It needs to be perfect. So what characteristics does a “perfect” poker table need to have? Funny you should ask…

1) Square is better than a rectangle. I know most dining room tables are longer than a four-seater kitchen table, but I guess my point here is that it shouldn’t be any more than two seats wide on the “long ends.” Otherwise, when it’s the two heads turn to deal, you’re going to see cards flying across the table like you’re playing air hockey. Nobody wants to deal with that, nobody wants to chase down cards flying at them and nobody wants to have to hand somebody’s cards down to them, either. It’s a pain.

2) Skip the novelty tables. You know the ones I’m talking about, with the pseudo green felt, the pits for your chips, and separate indentations for beer cans. They may make sense when you’re looking at them in the store, but in practical use, I’m not a fan. The last thing I want is my poker hand sliding into the can-holder and getting beer condensation or worse on it. That ruins cards, and you know it’s going to happen at some point. I also don’t like being restricted into having to put my crap in the same spot. I like to move my chips around, and if you’re left, you’re pretty much screwed on the cup location with most of these.

3) No placemats or tablecloths. Not that you’d need to worry about anyone cheating and hiding cards under there (right?), but it takes away from the smooth surface you’re looking for. That’s what I like. No distractions on the table. I want to be able to get everyone their cards easily, and in the event that we’re playing a game with up-cards or community cards, see what everyone has without clutter or obstruction.

4) No sunlight. Call me a vampire, but there’s something about playing poker in direct sunlight that doesn’t sit right with me. I know these games are usually at night, but even if they go long, I don’t want the glare of the sun obscuring my two-pair while I’m trying to decide what to bet. Put the table in the basement or make sure you’ve got strong blinds or curtains.

I think that should cover the basics. As you can see, it’s an issue I have a great deal of passion toward, and I didn’t even get into the chairs (no low riders, for the love of God, I don’t need cards sliding into my collar bone).

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