How to Prepare for a Professional Poker Tournament

If you are ever lucky enough to be able to play in a professional poker tournament, there are certain steps that you need to take to ensure that you will be successful. There are certain issues that new tournament players have that they did not expect.

Prepare for Long Days

Most professional poker tournaments happen over a series of very long days. Many of the newer players are not prepared for how long the days of poker will be.

Make sure that you prepare yourself for the possibility that you are going to be playing poker for about sixteen hours a day. Many of these professional poker tournaments will start early in the morning and run well into the night.

Work on your endurance before you go to the tournament. If you have a weight problem, try losing some weight before the tournament. This weight loss will give you extra energy, and will increase your stamina. You will also want to do some walking and jogging also to increase your stamina.

Think About Ergonomics

You will mostly be sitting for about 14 hours of the day. Make sure that you have any braces that you might need with you at the table. If you need to have some kind of cushion for your back, make sure that you bring it.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Make sure that your clothing does not hamper your comfort level in the tournament. You might need to bring a little extra clothing in case the area is not at a comfortable temperature for you. Prepare for cold and warm temperatures.


Make sure that you have a good meal before going into the tournament. This will put you on a fresher level then those that skip the first meal. This can give you a very early advantage in a day of playing poker.

Having a full stomach will help you to concentrate more on the game, especially if it is poker that requires an extraordinary amount of patience and focus to clear through because one false move and you would lose everything in the bargain, which is quite similar to what youngsters face while playing kiu99.


If you are a smoker, make sure that you prepare for long periods between smoke breaks. Almost all of the professional tournaments do not allow smoking at the poker tables.

Some players will wear a nicotine patch during a tournament. This nicotine calms their nerves, and does not distract them.

Pace Your Drinking

Make sure that if you are going to drink alcohol during a tournament that you spread out your drinking. You do not want to get drunk in the first few hours of a tournament.

There are many advantages that you will have when you walk into the tournament room for a professional poker tournament. While these tips will not improve your game, they will improve your comfort level, and that will affect your game.

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