Online Roulette Betting Tip How Pivot Roulette Strategy Works

Pivot roulette strategy is one of the oldest roulette betting strategies that are still widely used many players try to use the bike to beat. Many roulette Paris guides are created according to this strategy. This will help players gain stable, they have mastered and used to be a good decision paris do the job. For use as a strategy to win at roulette, you need to understand how it works.

We explore the pivot roulette basic strategy:

Spin the wheel is against the law of probability, which uses unequal distribution law that certain numbers appear more frequently than others described. According to the theory of strategy launcher, the game of roulette is not random as it should be. The strategy works on the basis of the law of the uneven distribution of some numbers tend to repeat given the result in less than 24 rounds. If you are able to observe the patterns generated due to an imbalance of the wheel, you can place your paris high probability of winning.

Pivot Roulette Strategy requires the players to observe the results of roulette without first bet. You must register the number on each corner. Once there is a number of times, use it as a pivot point, which is to bet your first issue. Take 36 free spins as cycle and bet on the number of bets the same amount until you win. Then repeat the process to find the new pivot point to bet the next cycle. If the number is not in the turn 36, take the loss and find the number of pins and start the next cycle. According to the theory of the strategy of the casting machine, the number of pins tends to 24 rounds and the strategy of flame 36 to repeat once centrifugation. As an example of how the roulette strategy is the pivot that more clearly how it works:

  • A. Look at the wheel rotates and saves the result of each round.
  • Second The results are the following sequence: 12, 23, 33, 36, 29, 7, 8 and 12 A number of times, 12 is observed.
  • Choose third number 12 as the pivot. Start betting on 12
  • Fourth If you lose, bet the same amount at 12, to press a victory in 36 rounds.
  • Fifth If you win, you start the process of finding new 1 Number of Pivot.
  • If you do not win no sixth after 36 laps, finish your bet. Start the process of finding a new pin number.

In European roulette on slot online, a single victory pays 35/1. The sooner, the number of left turn in place, the more benefit you get. For example, if the number dialed is the shift of 3, you get 33 chips won if you bet with one chip at a time. If you hit the tank number 36, you get back what they lost in the previous round profit.


To play and win with strategy wheel, should spend some time on a roulette table and see the results before betting real money. You must identify a set of rotation and go for it with the same bet until you press a victory in 36 rounds. Otherwise, you have the loss and find the pivot point to begin your new commitment again.

Wagering appropriately, individuals need the fundamental feeling of maths with scientific capacities which over the long haul could demonstrate value to them, by causing them to pick up understanding into the chances of the game.

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