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How To Win A World Series Of Poker Bracelet

Saying that you are going to be a world champion of poker has become an ever too common statement in the world of gambling today, but the feat still remains the golden standard of poker. The World Series of Poker is a month long series of poker tournaments that take place in, of course Las Vegas. Established by Casino owner Benny Binion in 1970. The first few years of the series was mostly exclusive to the top professionals, mainly because of the extremely expensive buy-ins, and the game was not nearly as popular as it is today. Nearly forty years later, the poker boom has changed the entire face of the world series of poker drastically. The first main event in the history of the world series had literally seven players total. The 2006 world series main event however, had 8,773 entrants, and first place grossed a clean twelve million dollars.

But how does one succeed in achieving the goal of goals? Strategy going into the world series is a touchy topic. As a matter of fact, many pro’s go into the world series intent on not having any strategy whatsoever. This could explain why an established professional hasn’t won the main event since Carlos Mortensen in 2001. Strategy is one of the most important factors in establishing a solid tournament performance. Telling you exactly what to do is not going to get you anywhere, as there are many different viable, successful, and lucrative strategies you can use. It is all about comfort. Many professionals like to get chips in the pot, and will throw chips around constantly. Other players like to stay out of as many pots as possible, and wait till they receive a huge hand and play it out from there. Both of these strategies have won the main event in the past, and both are legitimate strategies in tournament poker. The only answer I can give to you strategy wise is to try both out in smaller tournaments. Normally you will be able to tell which style is more comfortable to you without even trying.

Intangibles are a huge part of tournament poker success. There are many imperative issues to take into consideration before you sit down to play in any tournament. Many players like to utilize the convenience of being able to wear sunglasses, and listen to music at the table. Under no circumstances would I advocate listening to music at the table. Listening and paying attention to voice levels are extremely important in being able to get a good read on another player at the table. Sunglasses are another tool that I cannot tell you to use or not to use. Wearing sunglasses has its advantages, and its disadvantages. By wearing sunglasses, you are injuring your ability to pick up a read on anyone at all, and it also could cause you to miss a great deal of action that takes place at the table. However, sunglasses do provide a certain level of security, especially if you are a nervous player. It blocks everyone else from seeing your eyes, and it also provides you with the advantage of your opponents not being able to see where you are looking. Weigh the pro’s and con’s of sunglasses carefully before you make the decision to wear them or not.

I also advise to you to keep your mouth shut. There is nothing that can screw your game up more than players actually coming after you because of a comment you make. Also act respectable in both glory and defeat. Nothing makes enemies faster than a ten minute end zone celebration at a poker table. There is no other advice to actually give to you other than the obvious. Get plenty of sleep, and keep yourself nourished. Eight hour sessions really play on your nerves, mental toughness, and conditioning. It takes a special kind of person to be on top of their game for several days in a row, but nonetheless it is how this tournament is won.

Given the lengthiness of the session, you can understand that it is not as easy as judi online and you need to have your wits with you to sail through comfortably.

If you want to win a World Series of Poker bracelet, I advise you to play your own style. I also advise you to act carefully, and not be too predicable at the table. There is no other advice to be given when it comes to playing poker, because the fact of the matter is, skill is only half of winning in poker. The other half of the game is luck. Luck has won the past five World Series main events, and it continues to be the biggest factor involved in the game today. As the old adage states, “I would rather be lucky than good”. Now grab your rabbit’s foot, hop a plane to Vegas and get your quest for World series glory underway.

Travel: Gambling in Canada’s Old Wild West

Way up in the northern region of the Yukon Territory there rests a small town victim of the gold rush, Dawson City. A long time ago in 1898, a miner struck rich with gold in a mine in Dawson City. Ever since the small forgotten town has said to bring gold fever even to its visitors.

In the early 1970s, a group of prospectors obtained a permit from the government and started nightly gambling off a local boat, the S.S. Keno which was parked on land. Even 40 yrs before then gambling was been big in Dawson City and it remains to be popular there until this day.

Right in the heart of the downtown of Dawson with its 100-year-old board sidewalks and unpaved dirt roads, there is a gambling establishment known as Diamond Tooth Gertie’s. Diamond Tooth Gertie’s was named after a dance hall queen or some might say a burlesque madam. Gertie got her name for wearing a big diamond in between her teeth. She became a very rich woman not from mining but from the prospectors she gave comfort to in their drunk and weary gold forsaken travels.

As the Yukon`s casinos Diamond Tooth, Gertie and 토토먹튀 really cash in. Not just from the locals but mostly tourists. For the traveling gambler, it is an interesting place to make a bet and is like a flashback in time to the wild west. With the historic costumes and original theater stage is it quite exquisite. The entertainment is classic gold rush humor and plays as well as a cancan dancer schedule that is sure to keep you in the gold rush spirit.

The cost of drinks ranges from 3-10 dollars and there is a 6 dollar cover charge at the door which is well worth the act these kooky “dawsonites” put on every day. They open around 2 in the afternoon on weekdays and 7 pm on weekends and stay open late until 2 am. Of course, this being a place of sin you must be at least 19 years of age to enter.

Other then a large amount of drinking that goes on in this small historic town there is even more gambling. A variety of card games and table games and slot machines can be found inside Gertie`s. With rows of slots ranging from a nickel to a toonie, there are plenty of games for the modern gambler. For everyone inspired by the old fashioned nature of this wild saloon, you can play some traditional gambling games such as roulette and blackjack. Whether you are just there for a glance or an annual poker tournament it will be your most memorable visit to a casino yet.

Casino Royale- Should Taxing Be Allowed?

The corona virus pandemic has brought the fast train of world economy to a grinding halt and all the countries have come to a standstill due to all the sectors being shutdown due to the lockdown where people have no choice but to be confined to their homes.

Most people have taken to working from home since the past few months and told to practice social distancing until the virus subsides while the citizens are obliging to the demands by practicing social distancing.

Most people are already missing the outside life, especially the gamblers that used to frequent casinos to win, lose and later win back the money they had staked their life on but now they have nothing to look forward to.

Gambling Tax

The expert gamblers haven’t given up hope and therefore are practicing their luck through online casino so that they don’t lose touch with the game and it can be seen that Judi online has witnessed a rise in the number of players since the past month.

This has given rise to a whole new debate where certain people are of the opinion that online casinos should be brought into the category of direct tax so that people can pay for it.

The sad part is that most of the gambling experts are unaware that they have to pay taxes for a certain portion of their winnings which has been prevalent in all countries and not just developed nations like US, UK, Germany, etc.

You can pay your taxes through online payment or even e-wallet all thanks to digital media that has different modes of payment to be availed by various people because most of them can’t remember their username and password while paying online and the new applications like Google pay has made things easy for them.

Best tips to beat the slot machines and be a winner!

Online slot machines are the most loved games all around the world, and there are many reasons for this statement. The fun themes, fast pace, cool soundtracks, exciting gameplay, and huge jackpots are combined together to create a great range of games that are rigid to resist. A gambler, whether he is a beginner or a pro, knows that this is more than just betting and putting a large amount of money. You can also check recommends and checks out the slot machines.

Most players tend to lose money, and they end up not playing slot machines anymore. Don’t get sad as here you will get to know about the best tips that can make you win every time.

  • Select winning slots that provide highest payouts

There is plenty of slots that you’ll see when you go online; the crucial thing is to select the right slot games. You need to choose a machine that pays out any other machines.

  • Determine the unpredictability of slots

Another factor to consider is the game’s unpredictability. Unpredictability here refers to the risk level, and these must be known to players. There are two types of volatility slots: low and high volatility slots. Choose the slot machine that is right for you but keep in mind that to play high volatility shots, patience is the key. Picking the low volatility is always considered good as it involves less investment and less risk.

  • Put higher bets

The strategy to win is to put higher bets as making lower bets won’t help you to unlock bonus rounds and qualify for the jackpot. To be eligible for the jackpot, you need to make bets on every payline, which requires to pay more money and not a single penny.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners on How to Behave in a Casino

Are you interested in playing at a Casino? Who isn’t? It is an establishment that is flowing with a lot of money just waiting to be collected. However, a Casino is an establishment that needs legal authentication in order for someone to enter. They are required to be at legal age in order for casinos to not get any charges when something bad happens.

However, when you are here to know some tips on how to behave and make your way to a casino without looking to be an ignorant country boy, then you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are some of the tips that will surely be of help when you want to play in Casinos.

Tip #1: Observe from afar

A great player, is a great observer. Getting involved in casino tables is not that easy. People oftentimes get distracted by the feeling and somehow falters. That is why, it is good to observe first before engaging in actual gameplay. Be sure to keep your distance when observing to avoid distraction of players. Usually people ingame, need space and all the focus they can get. 

Tip #2: Try Online Casino first

If you are still a newbie and want to learn about the basics in casinos. It is advisable that you should first start playing online casinos. There are a lot of online casinos out there, but be careful as a lot are fake and untrusted, if you want some advice on which site is legit, you can go and check

The reason for you to try an online casino first is because they offer free trials and demos which allows you to practice and experience it without losing money. Since both land-based games and online casinos have the same rules and principles, this is proving to be useful. 

Tip #4: Introduction is important

When you are accepted to play at a table, be sure to make a brief introduction of yourself as a sign of respect for the players around. 

Tip #5: Talk less, play more

Casino games, such as blackjack, poker, roulette are games that need wits, intellect, skills, and a lot of focus. So when you talk so much, other players might get distracted and might get wary of you. 

It is advisable to just talk when it is needed to. 

Knowing these tips in just one look would appear to be really difficult, however, when you keep practicing these tips, in no time, they will be as if in your blood running. Now, go and practice and shout “Winner, winner, chicken dinner”.

Top United States’ Poker and Casino Tables

There are several popular Poker and Casino Tables all throughout the United States. Poker fans and casino junkies alike all know the online hotspots such as Https:// when they crave for their next round of Texas Hold ‘Em or just want to have a whole lot of fun. But for all those who don’t know some of the most famous casinos and poker tables across the United States, where they are.

The number one Casino in the United States is the famous Bicycle Casino. In the heart of Los Angeles, you’ll find the Bicycle Casino nestled among the busy streets of the neighborhood. And with over one hundred tournaments per year, why shouldn’t it be popular? The daily tournament at Bicycle, of course, is the Nooner Nites Frenzy tournaments, with buy-ins only at thirty and fifty dollars, depending on which sessions you attend. Some of the other tournaments that Bicycle Casino offers, however, are the Stars and Stripes, Winnin’ o’ the Green, the Big Poker Oktober, as well as the most popular American Poker Classic. Die-hard poker fans and amateurs alike join in on the fun of one of the most-watched tournament events of the year, the American Poker Classic.

Another Casino and Poker table which is closely watched is in the Mirage Hotel right in the middle of Las Vegas. Home to many casino games, as well as poker games, like 7 card stud and Texas Hold ‘Em (limit and no-limit). You better be an expert when it comes to Mirage’s Poker tables because the best of the best come to play the whole night long. Mirage also has their famous Players Club card, which, if you have it, you are allowed access to plenty of extra benefits for only the most privileged of members. Special access means that you will get inside access to ten resorts and casinos, over 50 restaurants, a whole line of spas and salons, along with golf courses and accommodations to make your stay a whole lot more comfortable!

A few others of the famous hotels across the United States include Bellagio, which is also located in Las Vegas, as well as the Taj Mahal, located in New Jersey. The Hollywood Park Casino, Binions Horseshoe, and the Wynn Casino are also among the top-rated in the country around California and Las Vegas. Every expert poker and casino player who has ever wanted to take a trip to a casino and poker table should definitely check these out if they haven’t already!

What Are The 5 Top Tips For Playing Online Casino Games?

In this article, you will be going to read about the 5 top tips for playing poker online casino games so that you can enhance the chances of winning and earning money through it. Playing gambling games is a right platform through which you can overcome boredom as well as earn money through it. There are several websites, but it is important for you to choose the right one. Online casino games are very easy to play because you don’t require any extra skills for it. 

If you know the basic tips, then eventually it becomes convenient for you to win the game. It is a great source for earning money as well because one doesn’t need to go out of their house to play the game. You can play gambling games online anywhere and anytime with the help of an internet connection. There is no need to visit casinos and bear the expenses for playing gambling games. If you consider the online platform, then somehow, you have saved the expenses of visiting casinos. 

5 top tips for playing online casino games:

  • The first tip for playing online casino games is that if you wisely accommodate the right website, then it will help you to play and win.
  • You can easily earn money just by playing the game by considering all the rules and regulations of the game. 
  • You can ask your friends and family members to play the game.
  • You can choose a certified website because it is very important to consider. 
  • Last but not least is to start with small innings rather than considering large amounts while playing gambling games online. 

If you wisely accommodate all these 5 top tips for playing online casino games, then it will become easy for you to win and play such games. 

The Probability Of Poker Hands!!!

When it comes to playing poker, you will have to deal with cards properly. Winning at poker table is not all about the cards that you have, but it also includes your strategy. You should decide what you can do with your cards. Having certain cards is enough to win at poker table. On the other hand, these cards are not sufficient to complete. In order to improve your poker strategy, you should know the probability of poker hands. With the help of this, you can also improve the chances of winning more hands. 

Most beginners think poker is the game of luck, but they are wrong. They should understand how to win poker games. It is not only a game of luck but also includes your strategy and skills. Without having a plan in mind, you are unable to win at poker table. 

Know the probability of poker hands 

If you are new to poker games, then you can get suggestions from pro players for playing poker games with perfection. The professional players can tell you that every player has the same chances of getting certain cards. Before getting started, you should know the probability of poker hands. After this, you should decide what to do with the cards. Along with it, poker players should also learn from the strategy of opponents. Play poker regularly, and it will help you to gain experience, which can help you later at the poker table. 

Let’s wrap it up 

Whether you are playing Pkv Online or other poker games, you should look at the probabilities. It will help you to know how poker probabilities work. Always play with the odds in your favor to enhance your winning chances. You should also take some other tips into account for winning at the poker table.


What Are The 5 Ways To Win Big Spin & Gold Multipliers On GGPoker?

GGPoker has become one of the most played games because here lots of players are involved all over the world. You can buy good cash money by considering these games, and not only this, these games have been played by multiplayer. Here you will get lots and lots of opportunities for winning the game by spinning. If you are interested in playing more gambling and poker games, then go through this In this article, you will be going to read about the 5 ways to win big spin and gold multipliers on GGPoker so that it becomes easy for you to play and win. 

Here are the 5 ways to win big spin and gold multipliers on GGPoker as:

  • Do not become too aggressive while playing the game. As a reason, there are lots of individuals who become over-excited and aggressive by playing the game. You need to take advantage of your aggression for playing and winning this game for earning good cash money.
  • Make sure that you have to play these games for winning purposes. As a reason, this game has been played in multiplayer levels, and for winning, you need to be attentive enough so that it becomes easy for you to play and win these games.
  • It is highly beneficial for you to focus on multipliers so that you get what you deserve while playing online poker games.
  • You need to work on strategies such as push-fold. As a reason, here you can easily defeat your opponent by accommodating the strategies which you have built. 

  • Accommodate all the rules and terms wisely so that you will not face any problem while playing the game.

All the 5 ways to win big and gold multipliers on GGPoker has been listed on the above section for you. 

How to Prepare for a Professional Poker Tournament

If you are ever lucky enough to be able to play in a professional poker tournament, there are certain steps that you need to take to ensure that you will be successful. There are certain issues that new tournament players have that they did not expect.

Prepare for Long Days

Most professional poker tournaments happen over a series of very long days. Many of the newer players are not prepared for how long the days of poker will be.

Make sure that you prepare yourself for the possibility that you are going to be playing poker for about sixteen hours a day. Many of these professional poker tournaments will start early in the morning and run well into the night.

Work on your endurance before you go to the tournament. If you have a weight problem, try losing some weight before the tournament. This weight loss will give you extra energy, and will increase your stamina. You will also want to do some walking and jogging also to increase your stamina.

Think About Ergonomics

You will mostly be sitting for about 14 hours of the day. Make sure that you have any braces that you might need with you at the table. If you need to have some kind of cushion for your back, make sure that you bring it.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Make sure that your clothing does not hamper your comfort level in the tournament. You might need to bring a little extra clothing in case the area is not at a comfortable temperature for you. Prepare for cold and warm temperatures.


Make sure that you have a good meal before going into the tournament. This will put you on a fresher level then those that skip the first meal. This can give you a very early advantage in a day of playing poker.

Having a full stomach will help you to concentrate more on the game, especially if it is poker that requires an extraordinary amount of patience and focus to clear through because one false move and you would lose everything in the bargain, which is quite similar to what youngsters face while playing kiu99.


If you are a smoker, make sure that you prepare for long periods between smoke breaks. Almost all of the professional tournaments do not allow smoking at the poker tables.

Some players will wear a nicotine patch during a tournament. This nicotine calms their nerves, and does not distract them.

Pace Your Drinking

Make sure that if you are going to drink alcohol during a tournament that you spread out your drinking. You do not want to get drunk in the first few hours of a tournament.

There are many advantages that you will have when you walk into the tournament room for a professional poker tournament. While these tips will not improve your game, they will improve your comfort level, and that will affect your game.