Play Texas Holdem With Your Husband

 Come Friday night and my husband is off to have some poker time with this buddies. If I complain, I become the nag and if I stay silent then I suffer in loneliness. Both ways, I was the one who was in pain while he was the one who got away very easily, while putting all the blame on me alone.

It can be quite exasperating if you are one of those wives whose husband just can’t wait for Friday to come so that he can get away with the guys and have fun all alone, while you are at home expecting to spend some time with him.

When you do try to explain to him about how much you are yearning to spend some good quality time with him, you get ‘the look’, or the argument about how he drudges all week with no fun and how this is his only fun time and things like that. It seems as if nothing can get him convinced to stay home with you.

In addition, there are not even so many events such as action movies or car shows that might interest him. You will soon run out of these events. After trying several things, I came up with something that not only kept him with me for one Friday night but he has been spending his weekends with me for over two years now. And the cherry on the cake is that not only am I happy about it, but he too is excited and happy about it.

If you feel the same way that I felt all that time trying to keep him home, then read on to find out the secret that has kept him with me, happy and all.

The Revelation

After a careful thought as to what I could do about this, I came up with the thought that if he could not get interested in what I wanted him to do, I could certainly take up an interest in his hobby and for my husband, it was poker.

Therefore, I took it upon myself to teach myself poker until I could be good enough to play with him and even challenge him into playing a game with me. The stakes would be losing his guys time, if I won.

The Beginning

After having made up my mind, I started devouring every book I could lay my hands upon, reading about Texas Holdem. I decided it was better to focus on a single game rather than the multitude of them.

Thus, I started reading about it, in books and from all the information I could get from the internet.

The Progress

As I read, I felt I knew the basics well enough to try them out. So I started playing in online poker games whenever I could. I even played in some of our local casinos for some cash.

It was enjoyable for me because I was learning fast and easy and was making some money too, in the process.

The Final Challenge

When I though I had practised enough and was ready, I talked to him about his Friday games. The reaction was what I had expected, a long monologue of his hard work and no fun time and so on.

Now, the time was ripe to make the strike. I told him that I would accompany him to his games. I got the answer that only players were allowed. To that I replied that it could possibly be not so hard to play the game, if he was able to play then surely I could too.

That was it for him. He challenged me to play with him. I made the stakes clear.

The Result

What happened next was history. We had such a swell time playing. Of course, I did not win. However, I did manage to get him interested in playing with me. The interest lasts till today, it has been two years since that time and we still do it and our love has been blooming ever since.

At times, you just need to get interested.

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