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Poker leagues are a fantastic way to improve your game. They help you build your skills with other players who take the game a bit more serious than what you would find in a freeroll, not only that but it’s fun to sit down and play poker with some people who you can enjoy a game on a regular basis, just like your home games Poker River Online has two very competitive leagues for players at a beginner level who are not yet sure if they want to play for real money yet but want to gain some experience and skills, and one for players who enjoy a competitive fun game and the opportunity to push your skills to the limit against others. Our buyins are low which allows others to try out the league without worry of not being able to participate in the next game.

We have a point system that awards top three players with points which are tallied and at the end of the season the top three players overall win cash prizes, and each person who participates in any of our buying games gains entry to a special end of the series freeroll. How much better can it get? Meeting new people who want to improve their poker game just like you, and having the ability to win some extra money by dominating our leader board. All our games are held exclusively at Carbon Poker. They are a great site with lots of fun features. These games can be found under the tournaments -> private tabs. They are listed as Poker river with the schedule being every Fri, Sat, and Sun at 9 pm EST. The password for our buyin leagues will always be pokerriver. The buyins are $2 per game with three games each week. Our seasons run for 8 weeks and again there is a point system so you can keep track of your winnings and quite possible win one of our three prizes. 1st place= 3 pts 2nd place = 2pts and 3rd place= 1 pt

Cash Prizes

  • 1st= $75
  • 2nd=$40

3rd= $25 Our free league is open for everyone but gives a perfect opportunity for someone who is new to online poker and is hesitant on funding their account. It lets them play a more competitive, skilled game than a play money tournament or a freeroll. By doing this it gives the new player a chance to work the skills they have learned and developed new ones without learning any of the bad habits that freerolls and play money can bring. We have three games a week with the same point structure as the buyin except the prize for this league at the end of the season is a Carbon Poker 10K coupon. These games are password protected and if you wish to join you must sign up at the forum and PM the administrator to be added to the list of players receiving the password. If you want an amazing game experience, visit judi online terpercaya.

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