Rules Of Pai Gow Poker In Online Casinos

Online gambling today cannot be imagined without poker games, which have become an integral part of the process. Poker is represented by its different variants, which have something in common and something, that differs one game from another. One more variant of poker is Pai Gow Poker in online casinos, which is a combination of an old Chinese game Pai Gow and poker itself.

Pai Gow Poker was invented in the USA by two men Sam Torosian and Fred Wolf, who was a casino manager. In the early 80s they decided to introduce a new game for the clients and it turned to be a success, as it quickly spread across the world. In fact, Pai Gow is an old Chinese game, which was played with tiles. Today players use cards instead of them, and certainly the rules have changed so, that the game partly resembles poker. Online version of this game has quickly become popular in spite of rather complicated rules.

Pai Gow Poker is played with a usual deck of 52 cards and the maximum number of players is six plus a dealer. Certaibly, in order to begin it is necessary to place an ante bet, the sum of which may vary depending on the limits of the exact gambling house. Then a player as well as a dealer is dealt 7 cards instead of 5 like in usual poker in an absolutely random way. The game is played with two hands; one of them consists of five cards and is called “high” or “top” hand and the other includes only two cards and gets the name of “low” or “bottom” hand. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer by getting higher combinations of both hands.

A player himself collects the combinations and decides what cards he will leave for a low hand. Anyway a five card hand should be related to a poker hand, so it is possible to collect there the same combinations, where the highest one is Royal Flush and the lowest is a Pair. The second hand with two cards is better to be either a Pair or two cards of high value. Nevertheless it is necessary to remember that the bottom hand should never be higher than a top one, as in this case it will be a foul, and a player will lose his bets.

What is about a Joker in Pai Gow Poker? So the deck always contains one Joker, which acts as a wild card in a five cards hand, where it may help to gather such combinations as Straight, Flush and Straight Flush. As for a low hand, it always acts as an Ace. You also have anay option of getting a wild card entry into the league schedule(jadwal liga). It is a simple game in which you can amke a lot of money. But amke sure you know what happens in the ground before investing your all mount into it. If you get a better understanding and accordingly start planning and placing bets then you can get huge profits.

As for the wins, there are rather strict rules there. So to win it is necessary to get combinations higher than dealer’s ones on both hands, and even in this case 5% commission will be substracted. When one hand beats the dealer and the other loses, then it is a tie or a push and a player receives the bet back. If both hands are lower than the ones of a dealer, a player loses. So it is necessary to think hard what cards will be refered to the low hand and what ones to the high, as it will determine whether a player wins or not. In fact, this online gambling game demands careful approach and good logics, as only it makes the sense of playing it online.

For example, if a player has only one pair of seven cards, it is necessary to leave them at a top hand, and the rest two highest hands it is necessary to place to the bottom hand. And if a player has two pairs, he may either split them by leaving the highest pair at a top hand and the lowest at a bottom one or to make the combinations of two pairs in a top hand. Certainly the higher the combination, the better chances to win, but it is determined only by luck an nothing else.

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