Tips To Keep Your Facebook Poker Account Safe

With Facebook Poker becoming increasingly popular a market has formed for Facebook Poker chips whereby they now actually have monetary value. Unfortunately when money is factor scammers will always be around to make a quick buck. Hackers and phishers, now very much have a presence in the Facebook Poker world trying to trick players into giving them account details so that they can steal their chips.

There is a requirement to open an account to play poker games at lsm99 casino. Some details about the account are provided at the guide available at the platform. There is complete protection available to the personal information of the poker players. You need to get details about them to have more profits.

Internet forums regarding Facebook Poker will always have a few threads about some unfortunate players who have had their Facebook Poker chips stolen and begging to get them back. It is important to know how player’s get their chips stolen and hence how to prevent it.

Follow these tips to keeep your facebook poker chips safe:-

Your Password

You should use a password that is hard to guess. This means don’t use a password like your dog’s name or your birth date. Your password at the very least should contain both letters and numbers and ideally both lower case and upper case letters as well as special characters e.g. AveEjbT%$234 This is obviously an extreme example but no one is going to guess this password.

Secondly don’t tell your password to anyone or have it written down anywhere. Just because you trust someone with your password doesn’t mean they might not abuse it themselves or they might accidentally let somebody else know it by mistake. Remember no one, not even Facebook, will ever ask for your password so you really have no reason to let anybody else know your password.

Be careful about what you download

Some programs, especially ones claiming to be Facebook Poker cheats, are in fact viruses or Trojan programs that may allows its creator access to your passwords. Surprisingly, at least in the real money poker world, this is very rarely the cause of someone’s account being hacked although it is still possible. To prevent yourself from being a victim simply don’t download any suspicious programs as well as installing a very good anti-virus and anti-spyware like Adaware or Super Anti Spyware. It is very important to keep these updated with the latest definitions as well as running regular scans.

Make sure the links you click on in Facebook, MSN and your email are safe

Another popular way of scammers gaining access to your account is through phishing. They will often send emails that resemble official companies such as Facebook with a link to a website that also looks like an official site where they request you log in. Only that it is a purpose built website meant to trick you into logging in with your real details. In reality however you have just told them your login details which they will soon use to steal your poker chips. You should be wary of links even from your friends especially in MSN, there are a number of viruses that send messages from your buddies list to seem legitimate even when your friend is offline.

You Tube Scams

If you search for Facebook Poker cheats or free chips on YouTube you are sure to find a number of videos on the matter. A lot of them are a pathetic attempt to get you to send them your account information. Don’t do it, there is no legitimate reason for giving them your account details.

Keep Your Personal Information Safe

An increasing problem with social networking sites is that many people don’t realize how much personal information they are giving out to the whole world. People will often leave as much information as their address, real name, birth dates etc. which is just about enough to steal your identity. There have also been cases of foreign intelligence agents having their covers exposed thanks to a naïve spouse. Obviously this is far more important than just your Facebook Poker account and this information could be used in a number of ways to seriously damage your life; one such example is below.

Your E-mail Account

Most of the time when a real money poker account is hacked it is through their e-mail. This is because your e-mail account particularly ones such as hotmail or g-mail are much easier to hack. The hacker will take advantage of a site’s “forgotten password” feature to get a new password sent to the e-mail address. These e-mail accounts will always have forgotten password security questions e.g. where were you born? Or what was your mother’s maiden name? This is very easy to guess if the perpetrator has any knowledge of you and this information is often visible right off of your Facebook profile or through a simple Google search.

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