Why People Gamble

There are multiple different types of gamblers therefore the exact reasons for why someone gambles can differ from person to person and group to group. Firstly a major difference between male and female gamblers, men prefer blackjack and lotteries, but women prefer bingo and raffles. Age has a role to play in gambling in a predictable sense as the older one gets the less likely they will gamble. Being married appears to make gambling less likely as single, divorced, and separated people. Community size also has a role to play as residents of bigger cities gamble more. Religion also tends to have a role to play as Catholics are more likely to gamble than other religious groups. Also catholics are less likely to disapprove of gambling. Also reported for reasons for gambling are for fun, to win money or looking for excitement and a challenge. This applies to even playing poker online or any online gambling game in this matter. Freud believed that people gambled as a way for punishing themselves for their urges.

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There are of course more reasons as people gamble simply because they feel lucky, have a good that they can win. Like anything else people gamble simply because they have a good feeling. People also gamble for financial need, obviously this is also the case with high gambling debts causing someone to continue to gamble to try and regain money lost. People gamble for escape meaning they gamble to get away from reality. This also classifies a type of gambler known as the escape gambler. People also gamble for relaxation as casinos can be a relaxing place to be. Sometimes people gamble for charity as all money used for bets are donated to charity. This may improve the feel good factor as gambling loss can be seen as donation rather than just money lost. People may also gamble purely as a socializing experience to see friends and meet new people within the casino.

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In terms as the lottery sociologists play because of their social networks as it gives them something to talk about with their friends. Psychologists say people play because they are feeling lucky or are in a good mood. Economists state that people play because they want more money, but show a lack of understanding that they have no chance of achieving it. It’s also said that people have different reasons from the reason to start playing as the reasons to continue to play.

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Of course many people gamble because they are addicted. People who have other mood disorder, start gambling young, are male, live close to a casino, have family members that gambled, are taken medication for Parkinson disease and have certain personality traits are more likely to become addicted. The most crucial of these personality traits are being highly competitive, a workaholic, resistless and easily bored. The neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine are all said to be related to gambling. Serotonin regulates mood and behavior, norpinephine is linked to arousal and risk taking behaviors and dopamine plays a key role in developing addiction.

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