Slot Machine Payout Percentages

Payout percentages, which are also known as payback percentages, do not relate to how often a slot machine pays off, but to the amount of cash paid out in relationship to how much is put into the machine. The payout percentage is calculated by determining the total amount of money a particular slot will return to players for every $100 pumped into that slot. Gamblers should look for machines that offer high payout percentages.

Best Payout Percentages

All slot machines are not created equal when it comes to payout percentages. Payouts can be as low as 75% and as high as 99%. The payback percentage is programmed by the slot manufacturer and is dictated by the casino. You want to play slots that offer high payout percentages. Those that return 95% to 99% of the money invested are the best to play. If a machine pays 95%, it means that for every $100 put into the slot, it will on average payback $95, with the other five bucks going to the casino.

This is important: don’t play machines that pay less than 95%. Why? As with any type of money venture, you want to get the best return on your investment.

How to Find Machines with the Best Payout Percentages

One thing you want to keep in mind is that all machines of the same type do not have the same payback percentages. One Aztec’s Treasure slot may payoff at 93%, while another could be programmed to return 97% of the cash put into it. How do you find the machines with the best payouts? Here are a few hints.

Stay away from $1 and under machines. These have been found to offer the lowest payout percentages. The slots that pay the best are those that are $5 and higher. If you are inside the betting games then you must have come across the word Arbitrage betting. This is said to be the best method of attracting huge money to your wallets. Because in this you invest in various outcomes in a single time. So when you get the return you get high rathere than small profits.

By the way, online slots on average tend to pay about 2% to 3% higher than land-based machines. It’s nearly impossible to get a report on the payout percentage for a particular machine. However, online many casinos do offer monthly reports on average payout percentages for all of their slot machines.

You can find those payout reports at the casino sites, and various gambling information sites across the Internet will post the best payback percentages of numerous online betting parlors. Play at those casinos. By the way to ensure accuracy and fairness, these percentages are monitored and reported by independent companies not associated with the casino.

One more hint: a good way to determine the payout percentage of a particular machine is to play it in the free or play money mode, monitoring how much you spend and win. Play it for a good 200 to 300 turns. You’ll get a sense of what to expect from that particular slot when you start playing with real money.

Common Confusion

Some novice gamblers confuse payout percentages with how often a slot machine will hit a winning combination, thinking that if a machine has a payback percentage of 90% that it will payout nine-out-of-ten turns. Others think that for every $100 they put in, they’ll get back $90 on a 90% machine. The first scenario would see the casino go broke and the second would ensure that every gambler would be a loser.

When considering payout percentages it’s important to understand that when playing a machine, you’re playing for money that has been loaded into the machine by other players who have lost. You’re hoping that the fiver you just put in will hit one of the big prizes, paying out at around 3000 to 1, giving you an impressive $15,000 bankroll.

Finally, remember that all slot machines payout in a random fashion. You may take one hundred turns and get nothing and then score cash on your next three. It is impossible to know when slot machines will payout.

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